Client Testimonials "I was able to move my organization forward with the visioning and goal setting exercises -- very practical"
--Kate, Department of Justice
"The training was insightful. I could apply everything we learned!"
--Karen, Department of Veterans Affairs
"I would recommend this course to any leader!"
--Jim, American Financial Management
"Excellent training! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!"
--Gerry, Department of Justice
"All parts of the training were vital! Thanks for getting tighter as a team -- great workshop!"
--Steven, Board President of a non-profit organization
Presentation Skills (Two Days)
Target Audience: Everyone
How would you like to prepare for your presentations more quickly? How’d you like to open memorably, and think clearly on your feet? How’d you like to control nervousness, and close memorably? How’d you like to be able to do all of that "impromptu" - no notice?

Those are lofty goals, but not out of reach for anyone willing to learn. We will master the tools and principles necessary to take you to the next level as a presenter. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or a stand-up speech, we’ll master the techniques critical to success through example and practice. Each participant will be videotaped giving several presentations, and get extensive coaching. The goal of this course is to provide an opportunity for you to build confidence and improve your ability.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of adequate planning
  • Analyze your audience and "speaking site"
  • Describe the structural components of a presentation
  • Recognize the characteristics of a good presentation
  • Determine the appropriate use of audio & visual aids
  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • Apply techniques for managing nervousness
  • Demonstrate confidence in making a presentation

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
Effective Business Writing (Two Days)
Target Audience: Everyone
E.B. White said, "You are what you write." That’s especially true at work; your writing is a reflection of yourself, for all to see. This seminar will help you to become a better writer, and to have confidence in your prose. The course will also identify your writing “trouble spots,” give you tools to overcome them, and help you write clear, succinct prose that gets the job done. "Takeaways" include:

  • The six-step P-O-W-E-R writing process
  • The ten rules for any writer
  • The six "image killer" grammar errors

Pre-work includes sending a sample of your writing to the instructor. Each participant will receive individual coaching from the instructor, and will write and get feedback on at least six documents during the course.

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
Communications: The Art of Understanding and Building Relationships (Two Days)
Target Audience: Everyone
We live in an information age. Your boss wants the report re-written; a colleague needs an explanation about a project; a dozen urgent emails await you in the inbox; and a call from home is on hold. Information is exchanged in copious amounts and seemingly travels at the speed of light. The only problem is that the rest of us are traveling at the speed of life. We don't want information to run over us; we want to understand it and use it appropriately.

Sometimes that means slowing down our approach to the breakneck pace of information transfer and thinking about communication. Effective communication occurs when we think as much about our audience as we do about our message. Effective communication also depends upon reaching out to one another with understanding. The goal of this session is for participants to master the fundamentals of the communications process, and to practice tools and techniques to make communication effective.

Have you ever considered:

  • Why there are so many misunderstandings in the workplace - and at home?
  • What part "body language" and "communication barriers" play in communication?
  • How to master communication with difficult people?

We'll address these challenges, and more, and practice techniques to help you communicate better with those around you...even in this information age.

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
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