Client Testimonials "I was able to move my organization forward with the visioning and goal setting exercises -- very practical"
--Kate, Department of Justice
"The training was insightful. I could apply everything we learned!"
--Karen, Department of Veterans Affairs
"I would recommend this course to any leader!"
--Jim, American Financial Management
"Excellent training! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!"
--Gerry, Department of Justice
"All parts of the training were vital! Thanks for getting tighter as a team -- great workshop!"
--Steven, Board President of a non-profit organization
The Art of Successful Customer Service
Target Audience: Everyone
Knowing how to give great customer service is the key to how you (and your organization) are perceived. Service or product organizations are not the only ones who have customers. We ALL have customers. Who are they? What are their needs? How do we handle it when we cannot deliver what customers want? What is a “service attitude,” and why should you care if you or others working with you adopt that attitude? Come get the answers to these questions and frame your own unique customer service approach. After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  • Apply the elements of excellent customer service to your job
  • Understand the benefits of excellent customer service
  • Identify your internal and external customers
  • Envision what it would take to create a working environment where excellent customer service happens
  • Know what it takes to "delight" a customer
  • Apply the Importance-Satisfaction Model to your customer service
  • Model effective interpersonal practices that render excellent customer service
  • Inspire others to deliver excellent customer service
  • Understand how to align your organizational processes to facilitate excellent customer service
  • Handle "difficult" customers
  • Negotiate a "win-win" resolution with customers
  • Deal well with a customer whose position is opposite of yours or that of the organization

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