Client Testimonials "I was able to move my organization forward with the visioning and goal setting exercises -- very practical"
--Kate, Department of Justice
"The training was insightful. I could apply everything we learned!"
--Karen, Department of Veterans Affairs
"I would recommend this course to any leader!"
--Jim, American Financial Management
"Excellent training! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!"
--Gerry, Department of Justice
"All parts of the training were vital! Thanks for getting tighter as a team -- great workshop!"
--Steven, Board President of a non-profit organization
Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring: A Leaderís Guide (Two Days)
Target Audience: All Managers and Supervisors
Much of what a leader does is coach. How well do we do it? In this seminar we will master the three core values of a good coach and the ten skills an effective coach must master. Role-play will drive personal discovery and learning.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the value being a good coach
  • Define their core values as a coach
  • Understand the phases of coaching
  • Model various approaches to coaching
  • Master the ten techniques of effective coaches
  • Understand different communication styles and adjust to achieve the best rapport

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
Performance Management: Maximizing Responsibility, Performance and Accountability (Two Days)
Target Audience: All Managers and Supervisors
Your employees may well be some of the best. But even superior performance by superior employees needs to be managed. And when you are faced with performance that falls short of the established standards, being an effective manager means you need processes that will help you help your colleagues.

This seminar will provide you with step-by-step methods to resolve performance issues before they become overwhelming performance problems.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Create measurable performance goals
  • Boost responsibility, accountability and commitment to established goals
  • Assess performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Conduct a performance coaching session
  • Deal with a lack of accountability and unsatisfactory performance
  • Overcome fear or hesitation in giving feedback

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
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