Client Testimonials "I was able to move my organization forward with the visioning and goal setting exercises -- very practical"
--Kate, Department of Justice
"The training was insightful. I could apply everything we learned!"
--Karen, Department of Veterans Affairs
"I would recommend this course to any leader!"
--Jim, American Financial Management
"Excellent training! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!"
--Gerry, Department of Justice
"All parts of the training were vital! Thanks for getting tighter as a team -- great workshop!"
--Steven, Board President of a non-profit organization
Strategic Thinking and Planning: The Leaderís Future (Two Days)
Target Audience: All Managers and Supervisors
Youíre the boss - what next? Many leaders "play it by ear" and forfeit the opportunity to take their organization to the next level. Leadership in todayís rapidly changing world is not a spectator sport. Today, leaders either make history with their organizations or...become history.

This seminar offers a five-step process that "leads a leader" through initial assessment of his or her organization to the long-range goals and their metrics. The seminar is a practicum in which participants will build an approach to "forward progress" in their particular organizations.

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
Moving from Operational Manager to Strategic Thinker (Two Days)
Target Audience: All Managers and Supervisors
Todayís leaders - whether they manage a process, a program, or have direct reports - are expected to think innovatively across processes and systems, envisioning a bright future that leads to long-term success - as well as executing well in the short term. It is a difficult balancing act.

The purpose of this seminar is not to create functioning strategic planners, but to help transform operational leaders into strategic thinkers. Developing a strategic perspective will not only prepare you for further responsibility and help your organization succeed, but will also add clarity to your operational goals.

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
Strategic Planning Facilitation (Three to Five Days)
Target Audience: Leadership and Management Teams
Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, looked for this quality in selecting his people: he wanted "leaders who could see around corners." People like that, he argued, will create the future rather than experience it.

Thatís what strategic planning should do - poise your organization to "see around corners" and be ready to meet whatís coming. With the changing environment organizations face, a strategic plan can provide stability and corporate progress in a sea of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Colin K. Dunn and Associates has helped over 100 organizations develop strategic plans and implement them. Whatís more, we follow up and partner with clients to ensure strategic success. From visioning to getting results, we are with you. If you are tired of week-to-week survival tactics and want to chart the path to a successful future, give us a call.

For more information, contact Colin K. Dunn and Associates.
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